June 8th, 2016

Messier 5

There have not been many clear nights here in Quebec lately, much to many an astronomer's dismay I am sure. May 4th I made it up to East Hereford with 2 friends, one of which had never seen the Milky Way and the other who had recently taken a course in astronomy. Both of which have recently graduated from University(some twice now), congrats Kenny and Benjamin. While the sky of May 4th was dark and clear the wind made it very difficult to see anything, though with some patience we all got a few views of the visible planets which as for most of the summer were Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. I believe we got in a view of the Whirlpool Galaxy, as well the Great Cluster in Hercules, M13 and the Ring nebula, M57. I also gave my tour of half the sky of constellations starting at Ursa Major, moving along eastward through Ursa Minor, Draco, Lyra, Cygnus, to name a few, and ending with Scorpius.

Next wind, cloud and rain seem to pursue until June 4th where I managed get out to Mont Megantic and take a few photos of some globular clusters, specifically M5, M13 and M92. Over all the shots were much improved over my last poor attempt at a globular cluster(which can be found in the archived section). However I still have not mastered focusing. No matter how sharp I think the stars look in the viewfinder of the camera it is just not good enough. I have purchased a Bahtinov Mask to help with focus and hope to test it out if ever the clouds will clear.

The Messier 5 globular cluster came out the best in spite of its flaws. I especially like the colour of the stars. We can see white, blue and red spectra stars if the the colours remained true. I only enhanced vibrance and saturation to bring out the colours so I see no reason why they would not be accurate.

Some Information about the above picture; Taken from La Patrie in Quebec, very near Mont Megantic.It was photographed with a Nikon D3300 attached to a Nextar 8se. 16 light frames were used along with 9 darks, 9 bias and 9 flats it was edited slightly in lightroom before stacking in DSS and then further edited in Photoshop to increase star color and remove what little color noise there was.


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Huray!!! Everything works.

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I really hope the weather clears up for some nice autumn moon shots! Good luck!